The Society meets at South End Junior School, Wymington Road, Rushden, NN10 9JU, at 7.30pm, normally on the third Friday of each month, when we are entertained by speakers on a wide variety of topics. Often talks are illustrated with slides and relevant objects.

For more information on the Programme, or the Society in general, you can call Geoff Wiggins on 01933 651084

Programme for 2017/2018

19th May 2017   –   A.G.M. + talk on The Feathers PH by Pam Williams

16th Jun 2017        Delapre Abbey by Vikki Pearson

21st Jul 2017       –   Ritz Cinema & Toyshop by Will Osborne

15th Sep 2017     –   TV Then and Now including “Corrie” by John Allen

20th Oct 2017     –   Horrible Halloween Histories by Steve Dimmer

17th Nov 2017    –   Conscientious Objectors by John Buckell

15th Dec 2017     –   History of Weatherby’s & Horse Racing by Adrian McGlynn

19th Jan 2018      –   Victorian Institutions – Workhouses by Daniel Williams

16th Feb 2018      –   Amy, Wonderful Amy (Amy Johnson) by Roy Smart

16th Mar 2018     –   Medieval Medicine by Christine Carr

20th Apr 2018      –   U.S. Civil War Music by Mike Muncaster

18th May 2018    –   A.G.M. + talk on Boughton House by Charles Lister