The Society meets at South End Junior School, Wymington Road, Rushden, NN10 9JU, at 7.30pm, normally on the third Friday of each month, when we are entertained by speakers on a wide variety of topics. Often talks are illustrated with slides and relevant objects. There is ample free parking on-site.

For more information on the Programme, or the Society in general, you can call Geoff Wiggins on 01933 651084

Programme for 2018/2019

16th Nov 2018     –    Dancing With Diana by Colin Hill

14th Dec 2018      –    History of the Music Hall by Colin Ray

18th Jan 2019       –    Memories of a Vicar’s Wife by Margaret Burgon

15th Feb 2019       –    In Search Of Northampton Castle by Andy Chapman

15th Mar 2019      –    Country Life – The Idyll & Reality by Roger Drage

26th Apr 2019       –    Daring Mr. Dahl by Steve Dimmer

17th May 2019      –    AGM + talk on Radio Days by Kevin Varty

21st Jun 2019         –    Life In The WRENS by Ellie Patrick

19th Jul 2019          –    To The Manor Born by Derek Blunt

20th Sep 2019        –     Life of the Isham Family/Lamport by Sarah Fisher

18th Oct 2019        –     Northants Suffragettes by John Buckell

15th Nov 2019       –     Propaganda of WW2 by Steve Dimmer

13th Dec 2019       –      A Medieval Christmas by Michael Brown